École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay

ENS Paris-Saclay


The Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (ENS Cachan) is a public institution of higher education and research founded in 1912. It is one of the major French "grandes écoles (high and prestigious engineering school)", which are considered the pinnacle of French higher education. With its multidisciplinary departments and their associated research laboratories, ENS Cachan has an established tradition of excellence mainly based on strong interactions between education and research. One of its main missions is to train future researchers and professors for the higher education system. ENS Cachan is a founding member of Paris-Saclay University, a recent project federating top universities, "grandes écoles", and governmental research organizations which aims to become a world-class university and play a key role in developing innovation in the Paris region (representing up to 20% of French research resources).

University Research Laboratory in Automated Production (LURPA) is a joint laboratory of two prestigious institutions in France: Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (one of the most prestigious french institution in applied sciences), and University Paris 11- Sud (one of the largest and most renowned French university) two main founding members of Paris-Saclay University. LURPA is the most important research laboratory in Paris and Paris Region in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Automation. The laboratory's scientific activity mainly focuse on 3D Geometry of Parts and Mechanisms (Tolerancing and Assembly, Machining of Free Form Surfaces, Dimensional Measurement and Inspection).

LURPA is recognized as one of the world's leading research laboratory in tolerancing, and contributes to enhance scientific research on tolerancing and GPS standards.


Prof. Luc Mathieu
Phone: +33 147 40 22 21