CMTrain is an association registered in Germany founded after finishing the EUKOM project in 2005, in which a first version of a European wide harmonized education program for coordinate metrology has been developed.

The aim of the association is to manage continuing development of the training material about coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and to provide relevant quality standards for trainers. The main purpose is to guarantee up-to-date, comparable, and recognized training in coordinate metrology tailored to meet the needs of users, promoting sound basic training in industrial coordinate metrology.

CMTrain develops, promotes and disseminates "excellence in coordinate metrology" and promotes international collaboration in coordinate metrology training. Thus, the association organizes events to promote exchange between manufacturers, users and experts in the field of coordinate metrology training and publishes new findings and trends in the field at an international level.

CMTrain has a big source of user needs from course feedbacks that will be used in an efficient way and as a target group centered approach influencing CoMet4.0 project. CMTrain delivers a framework for conducting courses and it is well known all over Europe. Most importantly, CMTrain is ready to spread and enhance the learning concept and make it available to many people after the project has finished. This will lead to sustainability of the project results.


Sabina Sträuli-Remonato
Phone: +423 392 34 80