Centro de Apoio Tecnológico Indústria Metalomecânica

Technological Center for the Metal Working Industry


CATIM is a non-profit private institution of public utility, created in 1986, as an interest association by industrial companies and respective associations with public organs, with the mission to contribute to the innovation and competitiveness of the metalworking Portuguese industries and similar activities. CATIMs main experiences are in the following areas: consulting services in management systems (innovation, quality, metrology, environment and safety at work ), associated studies and assays; Materials assays and product testing (Accredited Laboratory); Metrology laboratory (Accredited Laboratory); CE Marking (Notified Body); Normative activity support and promotion (Sectorial Standardization Organism); training programs for industrial companies; Technological and technical cooperation; Participation in sectorial studies and diagnostics, studies of benchmarking; Participation in inquiry and development projects; R+D cooperation with process industries focused on production technology (with machine manufacturers).

Due to its specificity (Technology Centre) and its sectorial vocation, CATIM has always been an essential element in the business modernization on metalworking industries and related sectors, providing directly services to companies and collaborating with the State and its various departments to the implementation of relevant functions (such as the recognition as Notified Body or Sectoral Standardization Body in several fields) and in many industrially oriented programs or in partnership with several national and foreign entities. Knowing well the target sectors has been a constant concern, either through a close with the industrial and sectorial associations, either the participation in sectorial studies programs, diagnosis and strategic planning individualized for SMEs (e.g. , training-action programs), study and implementation of good manufacturing practices, either through the participation in various national and European forums of technological surveillance.

CATIM is member of:

  • CIRP, The International Academy for Production Engineering
  • CMTrain, Training for Coordinate Metrology
  • EUSPEN, European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology
  • Lab TQ, European Association of Independent Test laboratories
  • PRODUTECH, Production Technologies Cluster

CATIM provides:

  • Interactions with industry (SMEs)
  • Research and development
  • Establishment and access to research infrastructures
  • Networking and international collaborations
  • Bridges between academia and industry


+351 226 15 90 35
Phone: +351 226 15 90 35