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New high quality learning content on innovative measuring technologies in 5 languages


Common system across Europe for the qualification of personnel in coordinate metrology

Tools to modernize the learning experience, adapting to the individual preferences, and the assessment of learning outcomes


To correctly use, program and manage the most advanced measuring systems, highly competent and skilled personnel is required.


The project EUROPEAN TRAINING FOR COORDINATE METROLOGY 4.0 will develop a set of tools and learning content to innovate education in Coordinate Metrology, allowing the adaptation to individual preferences and featuring modern tutor-learners interaction by social networks.




The project EUROPEAN TRAINING FOR COORDINATE METROLOGY 4.0 is an Erasmus+ KA2 Project to develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches in the fields of education and training for Coordinate Metrology, to provide EU-wide manufacturer-independent vocational education and training on new measuring technologies and standards.


The main output of the project is the development of innovative and effective systems for learning and validating the competences in Coordinate Metrology, aimed at both quality control and product development.


The manufacturing industry is developing in the 4.0 direction and deep changes occur in the acquisition, storage, transformation, transmission, and processing of production information. Industrial metrology and quality control are evolving to be an integral part of this transformation, thanks to the use of innovative technologies that work along Digital Manufacturing concepts.


The automotive industry represents the reference context for the project, thus giving greater focus for deeper understanding of the specific innovative measurement technologies related to Digital Manufacturing. Measuring technologies of interest include most important Coordinate Measuring Systems (CMS): Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Fringe Projection Systems, Industrial Computed Tomography (CT), as well as systems for Point Cloud Metrology and Reverse Engineering.


The consortium includes 6 partners from 5 Countries (DE, FR, IT, PT, CH) which well represent the EU manufacturing industry.


They all have documented excellence in research and training in Coordinate Metrology and advanced manufacturing, appropriate infrastructure, strong links to industry and previous experience in EU VET projects, as well as expertise from different learning communities. Two Associations of stakeholders are included, both at national and EU level.