A key requirement for innovation in manufacturing is the integration and competent use of sophisticated equipment for the 3D measurement and digitization of parts, as needed for advanced product/process engineering and quality control in customer-supplier B2B interactions. Coordinate Metrology (including 3D digital measuring technologies) is by far the most important tool for these specialized activities, and are an essential tool for the implementation of this concept in modern production engineering and process control.

As reported in many scientific papers, the operator with his/her decisions can be a relevant error source in coordinate metrology operations, in particular when dealing with innovative technologies. Therefore, highly competent and skilled personnel is required to operate, program and manage the equipment, as well as for the analysis and valorization of measured data. Highly qualified labor force remains a key source of future growth, and a particular focus is needed on the automotive sector.

The project aim is to develop three main outputs to support innovations in manufacturing:


New high quality learning content on innovative measuring technologies in 5 languages


Common system across Europe for the qualification of personnel in coordinate metrology


Tools to modernize the learning experience, adapting to the individual preferences, and the assessment of learning outcomes